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Gia Viseli Dancesport

Gia Viseli DanceSport

1891 S. 8th St, Fernandina Beach, FL

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Welcome to Gia Viseli Dancesport

“Nearly everyone is scared to dance at first. You need only start. Simply begin; I can help with the rest.” – Gia

Each person learns differently. So Gia’s lessons are customized for each individual.


“It does not matter if you learn your dance in a week or a month or some other time period. You need only compare yourself to your last effort and know that you are getting better – and feel good about it.”

“Dance is to be enjoyed – not endured. So for those who dread getting on the dance floor at events, I can help.”

Why learn from Gia?

One student puts it this way:

“I’ve taken Ballroom and Latin dance classes from several other instructors but Gia teaches at a whole different level. Even in a basic beginner lesson, he will show you a way to move that simply looks better, more professional, than others teaching me the same movement. It’s part technique and part showmanship, I think. But the outcome is just better.

“Some days I get is quickly. Others, not so much. He understands and adapts.”

 Ladies’ Latin Dance Class!

Join us MONDAY & THURSDAY for a fun
ladies-only class – dancing to sizzling Latin music.
6-7 pm — for those new to dance
7-8 pm — for those with dance experience

Private & Group Lessons Available!

 Our open, airy 2200-square foot studio provides ample space for healthy exercise. We offer private lessons for individuals and couples as well as  small group classes – Salsa, Bachata, Mambo and other dances will be choreographed to make this a fun and exciting way to learn.

PRIVATE GROUP lessons are also available – so if you and your family or friends wish to learn together, we can customize a program just for you.



NOTE:  people learn FASTER in private lessons
(“private” encompasses individuals or a couple learning together)

So although Covid modifies how we teach dance, it does not change the fundamental principles of how best to teach it or learn it.